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【讲座预告】The Role of Engineers in Food, Health and Medicine

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The Role of Engineers in Food, Health and Medicine

报告人:Prof. Fariba (ARC Food Processing Training Centre, Australia) 




Professor Fariba Dehghani is a director of Bioengineering, also director of Australian Food Processing Training Centre, and director of Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Food Products, Processes and Supply Chains in the School Wales and has strong experience in bioengineering for nearly two decades. Her research focuses on developing advance technologies and materials with particular emphasis on health and regenerative medicine. She has synthesized and processed biomaterials such as hydrogels for medical applications and also extracted active compounds from natural sources for the prevention of chronic and acute diseases such as cardiovascular, viral, cancer and osteoporosis. She is the co-inventors of more than 15 patents, listed among top 50 Australians’ most innovative engineers in 2016. She has strong collaborative research with nearly 15 industries. The outcomes of her recent research have also led to the establishment of a start-up company, Trimph, for the production of an injectable hydrogel for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration in 2015.


Professor Fariba Dehghani will give an overview of the research that is currently conducted in her research centre in two different areas (1) recovery of active compounds from natural sources and food waste streams for the prevention and treatment of human diseases and (2) the development of materials and medical devices for diagnostic purposes and tissue regeneration. More specifically she will provide an insight about the biodegradable polymers and hybrid materials that have been developed for bone fracture repair.