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【讲座预告】Carbon Capture and Conversion Activities in British Columbia and Canada

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报告人:Naoko Ellis, Ph.D., PEng (Chemical and Biological Engineering at 
            the University of British Columbia, Canada)




Dr. Naoko Ellis, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, is the Senior Research Director of the CMC’s Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute (CCCI), which is a collaborative partnership between CMC Research Institutes, the University of British Columbia and BC Research Inc. to evaluate and develop technical and economic options for carbon conversion and carbon capture. The CCCI works with researchers and technology developers from government, academia and industry to accelerate innovation from the lab bench to commercial scale use. Her expertise lies in the area of multiphase reaction engineering with emphasis on fluidized beds. Some current projects include: biomass gasification and pyrolysis; CO2 capture, including chemical looping combustion; pyrolysis product utilization; and biofuels.


As the world’s industrial economies move toward decarbonization, there is an escalating need to push next generation carbon capture and conversion research from early stage to full-scale implementation, rapidly proving promising technologies and discovering and developing new technical pathways. This requires support to move batch/bench technologies from research lab facilities in Canada and internationally to industry-compatible continuous processes and accelerate the pace of scale-up. Vancouver and BC are home to an emerging research field in carbon capture and conversion. The talk will highlight the ecosystem of opportunities that are transpiring around the Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute, with the establishment of the Technology Commercialization and Innovation Centre.